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Jordan Couzens History by Year
Events = Life = History.

My History (By Year)

On this page i have listed all the main things that have happened in my life some good and some bad scroll down or click the year on the left to the bottom of the table to see the story or life even explained in more detail, go on!

2012 Changed company name "JordanTBH Networks" to "JordanTBH Technologies" (04th Sept, 2012)
In a relationship with Shannon Young (7th April)
First met Shannon in person at London Vic Station (7th April)
2011 In love with Shannon Young (Oct)
Met Shannon Young the most amazing girl in the world (Oct)
Brooke was born (26 September 2011)
End of Relationship with Bekkah Longley (Aug)
2010 In a relationship with Bekkah Longley (19th May)
First met Bekkah
2009 Graduated from Sittingboure Community College
2008 Founded and started working at TechMania-Hosts
2002 Founded JordanTBH Networks
1993 Born
Question about my life, relationships or something else? Ask me anything, honestly!