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..lets get back to some of the actual stuff thats true about Rebekah,

About Rebekah Jane.

My name is Bekkah, I have black hair and my eye colour is usually green but please don't judge me by my looks. I am who i am, and i won't change for anyone or anything. I tend to look on the 'hard' side of life. If you have a problem with that, i'm sorry, that's just me. But that doesn't mean i don't enjoy myself. I'm a very lovable person if you take the time to get to know me. I don't take criticism very well if there's something about me you don't like. It could be my looks.. my upbeat attitude..anything. Please keep it to yourself.

Im honestly a lovely person, I have the most amazing friends ever. I love my boyfriend, Jordan Couzens ; 19.O5.1O. and my main friends, Kelly, Shannon, Samantha and Lauren.

I'm in a relationship with Jordan Couzens, we've been together since 19th May 2010. i live in London with my family.

True awesome facts

  • Did you know? My Interests are drawing i do alot of drawing.. to let out my feelings
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