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The Process
The process of web design and development.
The Process Online in under two weeks - or your money back.
We like to make the process of getting a website as easy as possible for everyone. From domain registration to getting the site online so to help you understand the process here is a rough outline of how we go about it and the process.

1. Design of your website
  • You choose from either a template design or have a custom design/framework.
  • Heads Up: It is often cheaper if you use a current framework like Bootstrap.
  • You can either incorporate you own logo or have one designed.
  • Supply us with content of text you wish to have on your new website and leave the rest to us.
2. It's test time! You visit a test page
  • When the design is ready to view you will be able to see your website on our test server.
  • A lot of our updates to the site are done from the test server until you are happy with the site.
  • After completing the test site stage it is ready to launch on the World Wide Web.
3. Happy? The remaining site is put together
  • Whilst on the test server if you feel that you want more information this is when we will add to it.
  • If you require more photos or text to be added this is the time to do so.
  • Heads Up: We can also do iOS/Android and a mobile version of the website if required. *
  • This is the stage where we make the final tweaks to your website prior to launch.
4. It's time! We register your domain via TechMania-Hosts
  • This is where we will register the domain and launch it on its own server.
  • If you do not have a domain name already, we will register it for you for 1 - 15 years.
5. Welcome! It's your time to shine on the web
  • This is where the hosting will be set-up so your website can be viewed on the web by anyone.
  • If you already have a hosting package we can put your new website there.
6. You've mail! We set-up your emails
  • All of our hosting plans come with unlimited email addresses and an online control panel where you can add more email addresses as well as access your email from anywhere in the world. This also gives you instructions on how to set up services like Outlook and iOS mail.
All This Included: One Year Hosting Custom Design Up To 5 Pages All Graphics
Full Contact Page Unlimited Emails Basic SEO Submission to Search Engines Free updates for a month

Happy? Grab a free online quote within seconds and see if we are right for you.

* Total price may vary, contact us for the total cost.